HIRZL Gloves Taking The Golf Market By Storm

For those avid golfers looking for a speciality high performance golf glove the international best seller Hirzl just made their stop in the U.S. Taking the golf market by storm this Swiss company found it’s niche Europe’s golf market already. Currently, the official glove of the Ladies European Tour. Hirzl isn’t one of those manufactures who make a lot of golf accessories, no they stick to what they know and that’s gloves. Their currently in the cycling, horseback riding and of course golf glove market.

What makes makes their gloves so special and a bit pricier? Unique to the Hirzl golf glove line is a mesh/cabretta back with kangaroo leather palm. Combined, these design features allow the glove to increase a golfers grip in wet and dry conditions. The Trust series claims to deliver 3x better grip in dry weather and 5x better grip in wet.

Don’t worry if you plan on playing in tournaments they are approved by the USGA and conform to the rules of golf. Don’t take our word for it here is a testers thread from The Hackers Paradise that talks about their experience with the glove.

Only sold by a select few retailers the Hirzl golf gloves can be found at GolfClubs.com

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