Natural Motion Golf Shoes Trend

As Tiger announced his return to the golf world Nike also wanted to debut something of their own. With free motion technology at the heart of these new golf shoes they aren’t your grandfathers golf shoes.

Nike originally came out with the free running shoes in 2004 based on the idea of having a running shoes, that was extremely flexible and light.  Natural motion means that the shoe is designed to mimic and conform to the natural motion of the foot. The design replicates running in bare feet but provide some protection and traction. Tiger was personally a big fan of training with these and wanted to test out a prototype version of the Nike Free’s golf shoe. Detailed with his signature black and red colors the new shoe were inspired by Nike’s FREE technology. However, on the golf shoe of course they kept in mind a golfer still needs a good amount of protection and traction to be a high performance shoe. What they did for the golf shoe was allowed for more movement in the front of the foot to increase stability with mobility. This means that Tiger will has greater stability when he’s addressing the ball and the freedom to move naturally for more power. While rehabilitating his knee he’s also hoping these shoes will keep the natural motion in check and save him from any further injuries. 

Making their debut at the WCG-Bridestone Invitational event last week they didn’t help Tiger with his game, he ended up T37 but they looked darn good at least.

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