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Groundbreaking Golf Gear Of The Season

While the PGA Tour winds down this season and heads into the playoff events of the FedEx Cup here are some fun facts about this year’s season: (and it was a strange one at that) only the 2nd time all 4 winners of the majors were 1st time major winners. To boot it was Keegan Bradleys first attempt at any major when he won the PGA Championship also the first to win a major using the controversial long putter. Taking over was the domination of the rookies on Tour; there were 8 rookie winners on the PGA Tour this season the most ever since 1970 and 12 first time winners. Not only was the majors won by four different 1st time winners it was played with 4 different drivers, The Cleveland Launcher Ultralite TL310 (Keegan Bradley PGA Championship, TaylorMade R11 (Darren Clarke, The Open), Titleist 910D2 (Rory McIlroy, U.S. Open), and Nike VR Tour (Charl Schwartzel, Masters).

What this golf season will probably be most memorable for the world of golf clubs is TaylorMade’s white-headed driver, the R11. TaylorMade recently shipped their One Millionth White Metalwood. They even tracked the design, manufacturing, shipping and delivery of the club all on their Facebook and Twitter pages. TaylorMade even dressed up one of their top Tour professionals, Dustin Johnson in a FedEx uniform to deliver the one millionth white metalwood. What’s all the buzz with this club? While is does have a distinctive look it’s not just the all white non-glare club head that makes this driver special. The adjustability capabilities of the R11 were unprecedented before it’s release. With the ability to adjust not only the sole plate but also the moveable weights and adjustable hosel for a total of 48 possible settings.

The second biggest story was easily the rise of the long putters on Tour. While the long putter has been around for almost 30 years this is the first year it has ever been used to win a major. Not only did it help Keegan Bradley win the PGA Championship it was the putter of choice for PGA Tour winners for a consecutive 3 weeks. While the R11 dominated the driver market the Cleveland Mashie stirred up quiet the buzz on the hybrid market.

Cleveland golf made 2010 the year of the wedge and in 2011 they went a little retro. Bringing back the Cleveland Mashie hybrid they kept its retro-chic look but updated the technology used to drive the club. They finished the Mashie off with a RetroRaw finish giving it a rugged look but added Gliderail technology to make it a top performer in the market. Players and consumers were pleasantly surprised with the resurrection of the Mashie and the positive affects it leant to their game. It was most recently spotted in the winner’s bag of Keegan Bradley the 2011 PGA Championship winner.

While equipment usually focuses on golf clubs we also wanted to take a look at a groundbreaking golf glove maker that made headlines across the country. HIRZL golf gloves are top of line all weather golf gloves. We reviewed them here. While they do come with a higher price tag than a synthetic golf glove these authentic leather gloves are not only worth the money in quality but in performance as well. While the claim to have the ability to deliver 3x better grip in dry weather and 5x better grip in wet weather they truly are the all around best gloves for all weather.

Need to find the R11, Long Putter, Mashie, or HIRZl golf glove right now? We suggest taking a look at our favorite online golf retailer

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Cleveland Introduces More New Golf Clubs

Cleveland CG Black Driver from sales meeting

Cleveland golf also announced that they would be going back to black with their driver and irons. The black CG driver and irons were unveiled during their sales meeting that also happened simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook. The CG Black driver is going light this year at a staggering 265 grams, easily the lightest driver on the market today. The driver design features include a teardrop shaped head to help increase distance gains off the tee. For this club they partnered with Miyazaki shafts to create a limited C Kua shaft.

The CG black irons were designed with Cleveland engineers Deep Undercut technology, which positions the center of gravity lower and deeper in the clubhead to optimize launch angle, spin and playability. Also flaunting a Miyazaki ultralite shaft the C. Kua 59 graphite shafts will be available on the irons.

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Tour Edge Exotics Secret Weapon The CB4 Tour Driver

The Exotics line by Tour Edge has always had finesse to it, with golf equipment fans. One of their newest drivers was created for the accomplished player looking for a quality driver promised to give them better ball flight and workability. The CB 4 Tour driver is one of the longest, lowest spinning Exotics drivers ever created. Another benefit that these fast swingers will gain from the new design is the newly placed center of gravity that is closer to the clubface and higher towards the crown. A thinner and thicker clubface has been strategically placed in areas to create hot spots or what they call “boomerangs”. These areas were placed in positions where they would increase ball speeds and carry distance on off-center hits. With a deeper clubhead than the previous Exotics CB3 Tour, it creates less spin and better flight off shots.

With it’s classic Tour shape and deeper face it is exactly what a skilled golfer is looking for. All the tour-caliber design elements including low launch, more workability, and enhanced feel. Created with a titanium blend material in the clubhead, which is harder, denser and stronger than the standard driver.

For those equipment junkies the Tour model has all the bells and whistles. Equipped with an Aldila Rip Sigma 60 shaft and an exotics White New Decade Cord grip, they spared no expense to make this their best driver yet. With choices from 3 different lots 8, 9, and 10 degrees they all come with the standard 2-degree open face angle and a shaft length of 45.5 inches. Unfortunately for those lefties out there this club is only made in a right hand design.

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Ping G20 Driver Release

Ping waited almost 2 years to unveil a new G series driver and finally the G15 was upgraded to the G20.  The first glimpse of this driver was at the St. Jude Classic where Ping Tour staff member showed it off during the practice rounds. Ping showed off the entire G20 series when they opened up their 2012 sales meeting to fans via online venues such as Twitter and Facebook. The G20 driver makes it’s debut into golf stores tomorrow, August 11th.

This driver lends itself to be the perfect blend of forgiveness and power. Changes from its predecessor include a heavier head weigh and improved Titanium material that has a ratio of Ti 8-1-1. This accounts for better clubhead strength and more manageable weight ratio. The external weighting pads add better launch conditions and balance to the driver.

Need the new Ping G20 Driver? You can order it at my favorite online golf retailer

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The Royal Golf Collection

The Royal Collection may not be a household name but in the golfing world equipment nuts still remember the name Sonartec. 7 years ago Sonartec licensed RC’s technology and broke into the U.S. golf market. Unfortunately through their efforts they were unable to sustain a golf club presence in the U.S. market.

The Royal Collection on the other hand was able to use their technology and see it work for some of the best Tour players in the world. Becoming popular on the European Tour after Todd Hamilton won the British Open, the collection was spotted being played by other various players. Their hybrids are the most common in golf circles both of Europe and Japan. Best known for their Driving Cavity Technology, which refers to the horseshoe shaped cavity on the sole of their golf clubs.

Ready to break back into the US market the Royal Collection packaged up a whole new line of golf clubs for their entrance. The new collection includes the JP104 series which entails a product line of drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. The clubs of course promote their Driving Cavity Technology.

If your looking to buy any golf clubs from the Royal Collection has a great selection.

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What New Golf Clubs Is Ping Rolling Out This Summer?

Ping’s product cycle is ready to introduce a new driver to their golf club line up. Ping recently announced the launch of their latest driver the G20. It made it’s formal debut at the FedEx St. Jude Classic this week. It has also been spotted everywhere on the internet here, here, and here. However, this club is also not available until late summer for the rest of us to purchase it.

What to expect from Ping’s new driver is their usual blend of forgiveness and power. Unlike Adams new driver the 9088, the G20 is heavier than it’s predecessor the G15. Using the idea that the greater force at impact the better the power shots will be. Extending the face of the driver for better forgiveness and a better launch area for off center hits.

Ping is a brand that has always stuck with the classics. While all the other manufacturers are our designing a putter collection of all shapes and sizes, Ping has stuck with a simplistic approach. Ping’s latest line of Anser putters goes back to the basics.

First off these putters have been machine milled from 303 stainless steel. With no gimmicks in sight, the putters don’t even have names they are only identified by numbers from 1 to 5 and the original only bears the name Anser. The Anser is a revamped copy from the original collection made in 1966.

Back to their classic styling, all 6 of the new putters are blades. The differentiation comes in the weighting and balance through the different configurations through the neck and hosel.

Aligning with their new iPING app all the putters will be put into 3 stroke categories: Straight, Slight Arc, and Strong Arc. These names correspond to the balance of each putter in the Anser line. Specifically, the degree of toe hang from each model. This will help golfers understand the putter balance and easily choose what type of putter best fits their stroke style.

The new Anser line of putters should arrive in retail stores August 11, 2011.

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The Latest Golf Drivers To Hit The Market

It’s that time of year again. Spy pictures of Ping and Adams golf have been floating around the internet. Rumors were furious around the launch of the Ping clubs fans noticing it was about time in their product cycle to come out with something new. Both Adams and Ping are launching the forefront of their lines with new drivers.

The Ping G20 and Adams 9088 Driver. If you want to see pictures of both head over to blog. Both have an upgraded design for their previous model drivers. More information will be coming out in the next few weeks about the details and upgrades of each driver and we will be sure to keep you informed of their release date.

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Limited Edition Cobra S3 White Driver

Cobra Golf loves their limited edition White Drivers. This month Cobra is re-releasing their popular S3 Driver in all-white for a limited time. You can now choose between a white or black S3 Driver. The Limited Edition S3 Drivers have all been serialized so you know if your getting the real deal.  Both off course come with the E9 Face Technology and Adjustable Flight Technology. With an upgraded shaft the White S3 comes with a premium Aldila RIP all-white shaft. This driver beckons to be played by the skilled golfer  who seeks Tour-caliber performance in both distance and accuracy.

You can order one of these Limited Edition S3 Drivers from

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Cleveland Launcher Driver Review

Looking for a custom club without the crazy price tag, look for further than the Cleveland Launcher XL 270 Draw Driver. This ultralite technology infused club sets stands in weight and shaft fit. Weighing only 270g this lightweight club really let’s your swing speeds rip. Working with a Winn grip and a Miyazaki premium golf shaft this driver really is one of those custom clubs you don’t see everyday. MSRP is $399.99 but you can find it for $299.99 at

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TaylorMade R11’s 1st Win

TaylorMade’s newest driver and show stopper the ‘white’ r11 driver officially won it’s first championship on Sunday. Luke Donald and fellow finals player Martin Kaymer both played the R11 driver in the final rounds of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship. However, it was was Donald’s defiant performance which won him the title. Never trailing an opponent during the tournament he finished strong. A few missteps into the desert but that happened to almost all the players. A solid first performance for this driver along with it’s owner Luke Donald-Congratulations to both of them.

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