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Nike’s Latest 20Xi Golf Ball Review

Nike’s latest creation out of the oven is their revolutionary new golf balls. We don’t like to use the word revolutionary liberally over here only when a company really comes up with something remarkably different. Nike proved their case when they opted out of the traditional rubber core and added a Nike RZN (resin) core. The new core makes the construction easier with simpler layers allowing the ball to simply rely on the new technology of the center core. In practice these new golf balls helped  gain more distance off the tee and give better control on the greens. Less spin but still great launch with good swing speed. Available in two different models: the 20Xi-S is for spin and control and the 20Xi-X is for distance and control.

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2011 Nike Golf Balls

Nike just rolled our their new Power Distance collection for 2011. Included is the Power Distance Women, Long, and Soft. Along with their other new golf balls they also revamped the Nike Crush and Nike One Vapor Speed. What’s new about all these golf balls? The Women’s Power Distance features low compression core and softened ionomer cover giving you better distance and feel. Of course they have the added benefit of being designed especially for women golfers something not all brands do. Mostly what we found to be different was new packaging.

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