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New Forged 588 Wedges From Cleveland Golf

Almost 20 years ago Cleveland Golf created what is debatably one the best wedges designs in history. During their sales meeting Cleveland Golf announced that they would be resurrecting this club and bringing it back with vengeance. The new 588 wedges will be a forged updated version of the classic. Made from 1025 carbon steel for a soft yet solid feel. Of course Cleveland who last use “Year of The Wedge” as their theme will now be using “Forging A Better Future”. The wedges will come with Cleveland’s standard Tour Zip Grooves and a Laser Milled face. In a partnership with True Temper Cleveland created a special shaft for the 588 forged wedges. Said to have a unique stiffness with a less active tip, it’s a shaft that promotes piercing ball flight with better spin and distance control.

The 1st 588 wedge design has been a standard for Cleveland wedges over the decades and remains so today. With tour-proven wins it’s one of the best selling wedges of all time. Now coming back with new technology to grace another generation. Cleveland has been very good about updating fan favorites they recently re-launched one of their extremely successful hybrids, The Cleveland Mashie.

The new 588 forged wedge will come in 10 different lofts between 46-64 degrees with the option of a black pearl finish or high polish chrome. The release date of the 588 wedge is set for mid-Novemeber.

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A Look At Nike’s VR Pro Wedges

The latest wedges from Nike Golf, features precision forging and some of the best craftsmanship we have ever seen on a wedge. Designed to provide  those accomplished golfers with the optimal spin rates they are looking for. Released this past spring they wanted to put more grooves on the clubface than any model before it. How did they accomplish this? By putting them closer together and deeper while still conforming to the new groove regulations. Additionally they wanted to add a crosshatch pattern to the land area for better surface texture compared to the conventional finished faces hoping for better spin conditions. What the new grooves allow players to have is a cleaner more consistent ball flight and spin.

The Tour player who wanted all these changes? Stewart Cink, the Nike staffer wanted a wedge that wouldn’t create flyers. The solution was to use the minimal land spacing that they dubbed X3X, which allowed them to add three of four more grooves. So now the Nike VR Pro wedges feature more grooves than your typical wedge. According to Golf Magazines Club Test this year praised it for being a very good all-around performer.

Already a favorite of golfers the Nike VR Pro wedges certainly give players that traditional feel and shape with the ability to make those great shots.

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Nike’s New Wedge

Nike Golf’s innovations keep on coming, the latest brainchild of this great brand is the Nike VR Pro wedge. Following a successful line of the VR Pro line this shot shaping performing was forged for accuracy. The face is where Nike really took this wedge a step farther, designed with more grooves for consistent ball flight and spin. With all these grooves they still managed to adhere to the USGA conforming grooves rule. The pattern Nike designed creates three times the surface texture compared to the conventional finished faces for better spin all around the green. This reliable wedge is already making a splash with Nike Golf Tour Athlete’s such as Stewart Cink, Anthony Kim, Francesco Molinari and Tiger Woods.

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