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Ping Putters

With the release of their groundbreaking app the iPING Ping has officially updated their Anser line to fit more types of strokes and style preferences. It has been almost 45 years since Ping first created the best putters on the market and now they move into their newest adventure allowing more types of putters for more skills. With the tagline “Fit for Stroke” they want to bring their customers the most fitted putter for their stroke. Which is of course where the iPing app also comes in handy, it can analyze your stroke and suggest what style of putter will most likely suit your preferences. Each model has subtle differentiators to make them distinct.

The mod­els are:  Anser Milled (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 1 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 2 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 3 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 4 (Strong arc), Anser Milled 5 (Straight), Anser Milled 6 (Strong Arc).

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TaylorMade Doesn’t Disappoint With New R11 Irons

TaylorMade finally finished their popular R11 series when they announced that their  R11 irons will hit golf retail stores this September. The R11 irons were engineered for players who appreciate the shape and refinement of a tour-grade iron but needs the help of advanced technology to launch the ball high, straight and long with less effort regardless of handicap.

Obviously the first thing you might notice about the R11 irons is their precision-weighting port which is bright red. The port has allowed TaylorMade to guarantee precision and center-face CG for optimal consistency and performance from one club to the next. The other thing you notice is it’s classical styling, definitely shows the traditional iron but you can tell it has been upgraded with new technology.

What might get overlooked is the groove design that TaylorMade engineers slaved over. With the USGA’s decision to roll back groove effectiveness in 2008 TM knew they had to adhere to the new stipulations to reduce the sharpness of the groove edges and volume to help reduce spin. Luckily for TaylorMade their engineers found a design that was better than the old grooves on the fairway. They went with a milled grooves, like their forged irons, that give the irons more precision and easily replicated.

Here is a great video of TaylorMade’s CEO introducing the new set of irons

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Bettinardi Golf Counts A New Member

Recently announced via the companies Twitter page Bettinardi Golf will be adding a new wide body JAM Studio Stock 9 putter to their collection.

Instead of this years rainbow design it is completed in a black oxidizes finish. With a single sightline and a double bend shaft distinctly found on Bettinardi golf putters. Available in Bettinardi’s customary Honeycomb or FIT face that produces a soft yet solid feel at impact.

The Studio Stock line is evidently for the putter aficionado. Designed with classic shapes for skilled and tour players. The line of putters was crafted so that players would have the most responsive feel from the putters while on the green.

Bettinardi Golf is known for 2 things in the golf industry their putters and the quality of their putters. Winners of various awards for there manufacturing process they design and craft some of the world’s most brilliant putters. Founded by Robert Bettinardi back in 1991 as his outlet to create the finest putters the world had ever seen. Strictly following that goal ever since Bettinardi Golf quickly become a putter enthusiasts guilty pleasure. Even with the expansion of the putter line Bettinardi has been able to keep there manufacturing right here in the U.S. This is one claim to fame few putter brands can declare. Hoards of fans collect, discuss, and play these putters everyday. They are quiet easily the best one-piece milled putter manufacturers around. Each putter is milled and painstakingly built to guarantee the highest level of quality and attention to detail. It’s no wonder why these are the coveted putters in a golfers bag.

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Adams Golf Releases Redline Iron Sets

Adams Golf just released their latest hybrid-iron set. The Redline series is on a mission to give golfers a game improving set. Specifically they were made with the intention to hit the ball longer. The 8 club set comes with Adams world-class hybrids that can replace either the 3,4, or 5 irons. Adams Golf gives players the option of their set configuration to help best fit their individual game. Oversized heads on the hybrids help golfers swing faster and better ball speed. Longer shafts combine with a thin steel face and new tri-level sole design help reduce turf drag. Overall easy play from the tee, fairway or rough and the weight placed low and back improves forgiveness.

If you are looking to customize your iron set and add distance to your game go to GolfClubs.com to buy these Adams Redline Irons in steel or graphite

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Nike’s New Putter

Today Nike started shipping their newest putter the Nike Everclear. This putter is designed for a smooth and controlled roll on the green. A non-glare silver finish is a great feature of this putter, where concentration is at it’s most crucial you don’t want to be blinded by your club. A multi-layer construction club with a firm polymer insert that gives players fantastic feedback. This putter starts shipping today, you can head over to GolfClubs.com to look at this Nike putter and others.

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