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How To Travel With Your Golf Clubs

Traveling with golf clubs can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task with airline regulations and fees it sometimes makes you just want to rent the club bags. For those of you who understand parting with your golf clubs is unimaginable here are the best ways to travel with your golf clubs.

The two most basic travel cases are hard cases or soft travel covers. Both are allowed by airline regulations it’s just a matter or cost and comfort which one is right for you. If you really can’t decide some companies even make a hybrid golf bag which has a hard cover on top for maximum club protection and soft cover on the bottom half for easy rolling.

A hard case bag is the most protective of your precious cargo. While nothing will get rattled by the airlines these hard cover cases are a bit cumbersome to lug around. A downside is fitting more than one of these into a standard car is near impossible. With a soft case your able to fold it up and take it out of the way once you have left the airport.

Soft cases are a great way to travel. The biggest point of purchase is to make sure it has enough padding and easy to roll with wheels. Also adding extra padding around your clubs is always a good idea.

Here are some of the best golf club travel covers I found online.

A few tips while traveling weight your bag before you leave to make sure its not over the airlines specified weight limit. If you happen to have extra room and weight to add throw in a few pairs of shoes or your liquids so you can check them through (makes traveling much easier). Make sure all your clubs have covers on them you don’t want them banging around.  If you don’t have all the covers for your clubs try socks it’s a great alternative.

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Tour Edge Exotics Secret Weapon The CB4 Tour Driver

The Exotics line by Tour Edge has always had finesse to it, with golf equipment fans. One of their newest drivers was created for the accomplished player looking for a quality driver promised to give them better ball flight and workability. The CB 4 Tour driver is one of the longest, lowest spinning Exotics drivers ever created. Another benefit that these fast swingers will gain from the new design is the newly placed center of gravity that is closer to the clubface and higher towards the crown. A thinner and thicker clubface has been strategically placed in areas to create hot spots or what they call “boomerangs”. These areas were placed in positions where they would increase ball speeds and carry distance on off-center hits. With a deeper clubhead than the previous Exotics CB3 Tour, it creates less spin and better flight off shots.

With it’s classic Tour shape and deeper face it is exactly what a skilled golfer is looking for. All the tour-caliber design elements including low launch, more workability, and enhanced feel. Created with a titanium blend material in the clubhead, which is harder, denser and stronger than the standard driver.

For those equipment junkies the Tour model has all the bells and whistles. Equipped with an Aldila Rip Sigma 60 shaft and an exotics White New Decade Cord grip, they spared no expense to make this their best driver yet. With choices from 3 different lots 8, 9, and 10 degrees they all come with the standard 2-degree open face angle and a shaft length of 45.5 inches. Unfortunately for those lefties out there this club is only made in a right hand design.

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HIRZL Gloves Taking The Golf Market By Storm

For those avid golfers looking for a speciality high performance golf glove the international best seller Hirzl just made their stop in the U.S. Taking the golf market by storm this Swiss company found it’s niche Europe’s golf market already. Currently, the official glove of the Ladies European Tour. Hirzl isn’t one of those manufactures who make a lot of golf accessories, no they stick to what they know and that’s gloves. Their currently in the cycling, horseback riding and of course golf glove market.

What makes makes their gloves so special and a bit pricier? Unique to the Hirzl golf glove line is a mesh/cabretta back with kangaroo leather palm. Combined, these design features allow the glove to increase a golfers grip in wet and dry conditions. The Trust series claims to deliver 3x better grip in dry weather and 5x better grip in wet.

Don’t worry if you plan on playing in tournaments they are approved by the USGA and conform to the rules of golf. Don’t take our word for it here is a testers thread from The Hackers Paradise that talks about their experience with the glove.

Only sold by a select few retailers the Hirzl golf gloves can be found at GolfClubs.com

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Sold Titleist and FootJoy?

Looks like Adams wasn’t the only company looking for a new line of golf equipment (recently purchased Yes! Golf to expand their putter line). Acushent the golf company behind famed brands such as Titleist and FootJoy was sold today for a staggering $1.23 billion to Fila Korea Ltd.

Fila known for their footwear and apparel is already a big brand in the tennis world. Hoping to cross over into the golf venue they certainly have got a head start. Titleist is the best selling golf ball on the market along with great golf clubs and FootJoy is known for exceptional (and might we add comfortable) golf shoes.

Fortune Brands Inc. has been looking for a buying for over a year now trying to part with their golf division was in their strategic plan (they already have their brands in enough different market segments).

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Cleveland Launcher Driver Review

Looking for a custom club without the crazy price tag, look for further than the Cleveland Launcher XL 270 Draw Driver. This ultralite technology infused club sets stands in weight and shaft fit. Weighing only 270g this lightweight club really let’s your swing speeds rip. Working with a Winn grip and a Miyazaki premium golf shaft this driver really is one of those custom clubs you don’t see everyday. MSRP is $399.99 but you can find it for $299.99 at GolfClubs.com

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Rolling Out The New Product Lines

Some new golf equipment we need to talk about is the Callaway RAZR line and the new TaylorMade’s 2011 irons. The entirety of the RAZR line is now up and out for sale from Callaway and their dealers. The line includes RAZR Hawk Tour Drivers, as well as RAZR Hawk Fairway Woods. They officially came out this last Friday right before President’s day weekend. Taking a good look into these clubs we can see that Callaway has once again used their new Forged Composite material but this time incorporated it into almost entirely into the clubhead.

As for TaylorMade’s new beauties are due out March 2011. The TPMB is the Tour Preferred Muscleback, perfect for more skilled players who are looking for a traditional set of forged irons. TPMC stands for Tour Preferred Muscle Cavity, if you want more forgiveness and a shallower cavity. The Tour Preferred Cavityback or TPCB is the most forged feeling of all these irons. They still wanted to incorporate a deep undercut cavity for forgiveness and uses their inverted cone technology.


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Nike’s Latest Pro Driver

Nike created an all-new driver with the latest in technology and advanced design. The VR Pro was created in a pear shape for more weight at the optimal CG (center of gravity) locations. With it’s new Variable Compression Channels players are able to get better ball speeds and distance. An added feature that we particularly liked was the adjustability; with the STR8-Fit Face Angles you can shape you shots and get the best workability out of the club.  This club gave us a great feel and responsive sound. If you stop by GolfClubs.com this week you will find this as their weekly special!

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New Equipment Season

Tis the season for new golf equipment. Today the highly anticipated R11 TaylorMade drivers hit stores. With the hyped up “all white” marketing blitz these driver are the latest in technology. The white clubface will help eliminate glare and promised higher trajectories and better flight paths. For serious golfers the R11 will for sure have heads turning on the green. 

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Callaway RAZR Hawk Series

Callaway officially announced today that as of February 18th the RAZR Hawk line of woods will be available. This line of woods includes Tour Drivers along with Fairway Woods. Callaway has again introduced new technology into this line such as a new aerodynamic design that reduces energy and drag on the downswing. Forged Composite is not a new development but this is the first time they have used this material in both the crown and sole of the driver. This has allowed them to create a club that increases both accuracy and precision.

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