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Natural Motion Golf Shoes Trend

As Tiger announced his return to the golf world Nike also wanted to debut something of their own. With free motion technology at the heart of these new golf shoes they aren’t your grandfathers golf shoes.

Nike originally came out with the free running shoes in 2004 based on the idea of having a running shoes, that was extremely flexible and light.  Natural motion means that the shoe is designed to mimic and conform to the natural motion of the foot. The design replicates running in bare feet but provide some protection and traction. Tiger was personally a big fan of training with these and wanted to test out a prototype version of the Nike Free’s golf shoe. Detailed with his signature black and red colors the new shoe were inspired by Nike’s FREE technology. However, on the golf shoe of course they kept in mind a golfer still needs a good amount of protection and traction to be a high performance shoe. What they did for the golf shoe was allowed for more movement in the front of the foot to increase stability with mobility. This means that Tiger will has greater stability when he’s addressing the ball and the freedom to move naturally for more power. While rehabilitating his knee he’s also hoping these shoes will keep the natural motion in check and save him from any further injuries. 

Making their debut at the WCG-Bridestone Invitational event last week they didn’t help Tiger with his game, he ended up T37 but they looked darn good at least.

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A Look At Nike’s VR Pro Wedges

The latest wedges from Nike Golf, features precision forging and some of the best craftsmanship we have ever seen on a wedge. Designed to provide  those accomplished golfers with the optimal spin rates they are looking for. Released this past spring they wanted to put more grooves on the clubface than any model before it. How did they accomplish this? By putting them closer together and deeper while still conforming to the new groove regulations. Additionally they wanted to add a crosshatch pattern to the land area for better surface texture compared to the conventional finished faces hoping for better spin conditions. What the new grooves allow players to have is a cleaner more consistent ball flight and spin.

The Tour player who wanted all these changes? Stewart Cink, the Nike staffer wanted a wedge that wouldn’t create flyers. The solution was to use the minimal land spacing that they dubbed X3X, which allowed them to add three of four more grooves. So now the Nike VR Pro wedges feature more grooves than your typical wedge. According to Golf Magazines Club Test this year praised it for being a very good all-around performer.

Already a favorite of golfers the Nike VR Pro wedges certainly give players that traditional feel and shape with the ability to make those great shots.

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Nike’s Latest 20Xi Golf Ball Review

Nike’s latest creation out of the oven is their revolutionary new golf balls. We don’t like to use the word revolutionary liberally over here only when a company really comes up with something remarkably different. Nike proved their case when they opted out of the traditional rubber core and added a Nike RZN (resin) core. The new core makes the construction easier with simpler layers allowing the ball to simply rely on the new technology of the center core. In practice these new golf balls helped  gain more distance off the tee and give better control on the greens. Less spin but still great launch with good swing speed. Available in two different models: the 20Xi-S is for spin and control and the 20Xi-X is for distance and control.

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The Winning Masters Golf Bag-Charl Schwartzel

The golf world was stunned by Charl Schwartzel’s win at The Masters, this relatively uknown golfer kept his composure to finish out an incredible week at Augusta National Golf Course. His Nike golf bag can have you playing like a Master winner too (most versions of clubs available at golf stores online like GolfClubs.com):

DRIVER: Nike VR Tour (8.5°)
FAIRWAY WOODS: Nike SQ Sumo (13°, 19°)
IRONS: Nike VR Pro Blade (3-PW)
WEDGES: Nike VR Pro (54°, 60°)
PUTTER: Nike Method 004
BALL: Nike ONE Tour D
SHOES: Nike Lunar Control (Special Masters Limited Edition)

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Nike’s New Wedge

Nike Golf’s innovations keep on coming, the latest brainchild of this great brand is the Nike VR Pro wedge. Following a successful line of the VR Pro line this shot shaping performing was forged for accuracy. The face is where Nike really took this wedge a step farther, designed with more grooves for consistent ball flight and spin. With all these grooves they still managed to adhere to the USGA conforming grooves rule. The pattern Nike designed creates three times the surface texture compared to the conventional finished faces for better spin all around the green. This reliable wedge is already making a splash with Nike Golf Tour Athlete’s such as Stewart Cink, Anthony Kim, Francesco Molinari and Tiger Woods.

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2011 Nike Golf Balls

Nike just rolled our their new Power Distance collection for 2011. Included is the Power Distance Women, Long, and Soft. Along with their other new golf balls they also revamped the Nike Crush and Nike One Vapor Speed. What’s new about all these golf balls? The Women’s Power Distance features low compression core and softened ionomer cover giving you better distance and feel. Of course they have the added benefit of being designed especially for women golfers something not all brands do. Mostly what we found to be different was new packaging.

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Nike’s Latest Pro Driver

Nike created an all-new driver with the latest in technology and advanced design. The VR Pro was created in a pear shape for more weight at the optimal CG (center of gravity) locations. With it’s new Variable Compression Channels players are able to get better ball speeds and distance. An added feature that we particularly liked was the adjustability; with the STR8-Fit Face Angles you can shape you shots and get the best workability out of the club.  This club gave us a great feel and responsive sound. If you stop by GolfClubs.com this week you will find this as their weekly special!

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Newest Golf Drivers On The Market

Adams Speedline 9064 LS with DFS

Designed to lower golfers spin. Adams has created an adjustable face –so you can tweak the angle of the face to a lie or loft angle. The higher MOI produces 15% less spin and creates lower drag for increased head speed.

Nike SQ Machspeed Black

Made for all handicap levels-The square shaped aerodynamic clubhead is larger than it’s predecessor, they designed it this way to boost ball speed across more of the face.

Ping K15

Ping is known for designing clubs that promote faster ball speed across the clubface. For that reason Ping has designed the K15 with a large face profile and high MOI. Made for game improvement as the single motivation with this design.

Wilson Staff DXI

For all handicap levels. Utilizes two inserts on the sole to manipulate the center of gravity. The face has five zones to bolster output on off-center hits.

Callaway Diablo Octane

Designed for players who want to gain distance. It is made from Callaway’s cutting-edge material called Forged Composite. This essentially means forging carbon fibers for controlled wall thickness. Overall this is a lighter and longer driver than the previous Diablo Edge. The lighter club is supposed to help generate more power; greater power means greater distance and greater distance leads to better games.

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