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Ping Putters

With the release of their groundbreaking app the iPING Ping has officially updated their Anser line to fit more types of strokes and style preferences. It has been almost 45 years since Ping first created the best putters on the market and now they move into their newest adventure allowing more types of putters for more skills. With the tagline “Fit for Stroke” they want to bring their customers the most fitted putter for their stroke. Which is of course where the iPing app also comes in handy, it can analyze your stroke and suggest what style of putter will most likely suit your preferences. Each model has subtle differentiators to make them distinct.

The mod­els are:  Anser Milled (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 1 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 2 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 3 (Slight Arc), Anser Milled 4 (Strong arc), Anser Milled 5 (Straight), Anser Milled 6 (Strong Arc).

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Adams Idea a12 Hybrid Spotted at the Barclays

Tour players have all the fun. They get first dibs at new equipment and are allowed to be the testers for all new gear from their sponsors. This week at The Barclays Adams showed up to Plainfield Country Club with a new hybrid for James Driscoll. The new club is a 17° Idea a12 Hybrid complete with a sole weight to lower the center of gravity. Adams easily is the most sought out manufacturer of hybrids in the market.  Unlike most hybrids this club features a channel in both the sole and the crown, much like Adams Speedline F11 and Speedline LP.

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How To Travel With Your Golf Clubs

Traveling with golf clubs can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task with airline regulations and fees it sometimes makes you just want to rent the club bags. For those of you who understand parting with your golf clubs is unimaginable here are the best ways to travel with your golf clubs.

The two most basic travel cases are hard cases or soft travel covers. Both are allowed by airline regulations it’s just a matter or cost and comfort which one is right for you. If you really can’t decide some companies even make a hybrid golf bag which has a hard cover on top for maximum club protection and soft cover on the bottom half for easy rolling.

A hard case bag is the most protective of your precious cargo. While nothing will get rattled by the airlines these hard cover cases are a bit cumbersome to lug around. A downside is fitting more than one of these into a standard car is near impossible. With a soft case your able to fold it up and take it out of the way once you have left the airport.

Soft cases are a great way to travel. The biggest point of purchase is to make sure it has enough padding and easy to roll with wheels. Also adding extra padding around your clubs is always a good idea.

Here are some of the best golf club travel covers I found online.

A few tips while traveling weight your bag before you leave to make sure its not over the airlines specified weight limit. If you happen to have extra room and weight to add throw in a few pairs of shoes or your liquids so you can check them through (makes traveling much easier). Make sure all your clubs have covers on them you don’t want them banging around.  If you don’t have all the covers for your clubs try socks it’s a great alternative.

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A Look At Nike’s VR Pro Wedges

The latest wedges from Nike Golf, features precision forging and some of the best craftsmanship we have ever seen on a wedge. Designed to provide  those accomplished golfers with the optimal spin rates they are looking for. Released this past spring they wanted to put more grooves on the clubface than any model before it. How did they accomplish this? By putting them closer together and deeper while still conforming to the new groove regulations. Additionally they wanted to add a crosshatch pattern to the land area for better surface texture compared to the conventional finished faces hoping for better spin conditions. What the new grooves allow players to have is a cleaner more consistent ball flight and spin.

The Tour player who wanted all these changes? Stewart Cink, the Nike staffer wanted a wedge that wouldn’t create flyers. The solution was to use the minimal land spacing that they dubbed X3X, which allowed them to add three of four more grooves. So now the Nike VR Pro wedges feature more grooves than your typical wedge. According to Golf Magazines Club Test this year praised it for being a very good all-around performer.

Already a favorite of golfers the Nike VR Pro wedges certainly give players that traditional feel and shape with the ability to make those great shots.

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Odyssey PT 10 Putter Limited Run

Odyssey just unveiled their latest Limited Edition putter which was first seen on Tour with Ernie Els when he won the South African Open. This is the follow up putter to the PT 82 which was released last October with only 2,000 sold to retail stores. So far no word on how many PT 10’s have been released but a few retail stores already have some of these putters on hand.

The Protype PT 10 was milled from 1025 carbon steel with a heel toe weighted blade style. Since it’s only a limited run of these clubs and designed for a Tour type player the price tag is $349.99.


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HIRZL Gloves Taking The Golf Market By Storm

For those avid golfers looking for a speciality high performance golf glove the international best seller Hirzl just made their stop in the U.S. Taking the golf market by storm this Swiss company found it’s niche Europe’s golf market already. Currently, the official glove of the Ladies European Tour. Hirzl isn’t one of those manufactures who make a lot of golf accessories, no they stick to what they know and that’s gloves. Their currently in the cycling, horseback riding and of course golf glove market.

What makes makes their gloves so special and a bit pricier? Unique to the Hirzl golf glove line is a mesh/cabretta back with kangaroo leather palm. Combined, these design features allow the glove to increase a golfers grip in wet and dry conditions. The Trust series claims to deliver 3x better grip in dry weather and 5x better grip in wet.

Don’t worry if you plan on playing in tournaments they are approved by the USGA and conform to the rules of golf. Don’t take our word for it here is a testers thread from The Hackers Paradise that talks about their experience with the glove.

Only sold by a select few retailers the Hirzl golf gloves can be found at GolfClubs.com

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iPING App Perfect Your Putting

Ping is rolling out all the stops with their new equipment this golfing season. Not only are they adding a new driver and irons as we already reported but there also adding tech guru to their list of tricks. Always an innovator in the putter market they have taken it one step further by introducing the iPING app created just for you to help you with your putts. It’s a free app from the iTunes app store the only catch is you have to by their handy dandy clip for $30 that attaches to your putter. Key Features: 

  • Measure Mode: captures putt
  • Practice Mode: Let’s you hone in on a particular putting skill you may need a little more help in such as stroke type, tempo, or impact angle.
  • Compare Mode: Always ratteling off that your better than Lee Westwood or your best friend Joe? Well know you can prove it. Evaluate yourself against your friends and other Ping Tour players.
This app does just about everything except pick out the perfect putter (although it does help significantly narrow down your choices. All in all for only $30 it’s a pretty good deal, some putting training aids cost a heck of a lot more than that.
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Bettinardi Golf Counts A New Member

Recently announced via the companies Twitter page Bettinardi Golf will be adding a new wide body JAM Studio Stock 9 putter to their collection.

Instead of this years rainbow design it is completed in a black oxidizes finish. With a single sightline and a double bend shaft distinctly found on Bettinardi golf putters. Available in Bettinardi’s customary Honeycomb or FIT face that produces a soft yet solid feel at impact.

The Studio Stock line is evidently for the putter aficionado. Designed with classic shapes for skilled and tour players. The line of putters was crafted so that players would have the most responsive feel from the putters while on the green.

Bettinardi Golf is known for 2 things in the golf industry their putters and the quality of their putters. Winners of various awards for there manufacturing process they design and craft some of the world’s most brilliant putters. Founded by Robert Bettinardi back in 1991 as his outlet to create the finest putters the world had ever seen. Strictly following that goal ever since Bettinardi Golf quickly become a putter enthusiasts guilty pleasure. Even with the expansion of the putter line Bettinardi has been able to keep there manufacturing right here in the U.S. This is one claim to fame few putter brands can declare. Hoards of fans collect, discuss, and play these putters everyday. They are quiet easily the best one-piece milled putter manufacturers around. Each putter is milled and painstakingly built to guarantee the highest level of quality and attention to detail. It’s no wonder why these are the coveted putters in a golfers bag.

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Adams Golf Releases Redline Iron Sets

Adams Golf just released their latest hybrid-iron set. The Redline series is on a mission to give golfers a game improving set. Specifically they were made with the intention to hit the ball longer. The 8 club set comes with Adams world-class hybrids that can replace either the 3,4, or 5 irons. Adams Golf gives players the option of their set configuration to help best fit their individual game. Oversized heads on the hybrids help golfers swing faster and better ball speed. Longer shafts combine with a thin steel face and new tri-level sole design help reduce turf drag. Overall easy play from the tee, fairway or rough and the weight placed low and back improves forgiveness.

If you are looking to customize your iron set and add distance to your game go to GolfClubs.com to buy these Adams Redline Irons in steel or graphite

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Nike’s Latest 20Xi Golf Ball Review

Nike’s latest creation out of the oven is their revolutionary new golf balls. We don’t like to use the word revolutionary liberally over here only when a company really comes up with something remarkably different. Nike proved their case when they opted out of the traditional rubber core and added a Nike RZN (resin) core. The new core makes the construction easier with simpler layers allowing the ball to simply rely on the new technology of the center core. In practice these new golf balls helped  gain more distance off the tee and give better control on the greens. Less spin but still great launch with good swing speed. Available in two different models: the 20Xi-S is for spin and control and the 20Xi-X is for distance and control.

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