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How To Travel With Your Golf Clubs

Traveling with golf clubs can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task with airline regulations and fees it sometimes makes you just want to rent the club bags. For those of you who understand parting with your golf clubs is unimaginable here are the best ways to travel with your golf clubs.

The two most basic travel cases are hard cases or soft travel covers. Both are allowed by airline regulations it’s just a matter or cost and comfort which one is right for you. If you really can’t decide some companies even make a hybrid golf bag which has a hard cover on top for maximum club protection and soft cover on the bottom half for easy rolling.

A hard case bag is the most protective of your precious cargo. While nothing will get rattled by the airlines these hard cover cases are a bit cumbersome to lug around. A downside is fitting more than one of these into a standard car is near impossible. With a soft case your able to fold it up and take it out of the way once you have left the airport.

Soft cases are a great way to travel. The biggest point of purchase is to make sure it has enough padding and easy to roll with wheels. Also adding extra padding around your clubs is always a good idea.

Here are some of the best golf club travel covers I found online.

A few tips while traveling weight your bag before you leave to make sure its not over the airlines specified weight limit. If you happen to have extra room and weight to add throw in a few pairs of shoes or your liquids so you can check them through (makes traveling much easier). Make sure all your clubs have covers on them you don’t want them banging around.  If you don’t have all the covers for your clubs try socks it’s a great alternative.

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Golf’s Latest Putter Trend

First there was the domination of the white golf clubs now it seems to have taken a turn to the long putter. Dominating the Tour this August with consecutive wins by Adam Scott, Keegan Bradley and now Webb Simpson, the long putter seems to be a staple on the leaderboard. Even before their glory days of winning they were stirring up controversy. This is of course because with the extension of the club it allows the golfers to anchor the club on their body. While most purist golfers find this an abomination others just enjoy the feel and confidence this brings them. The belly putter is said to simplify the fundamentals of putting so those players who have inconsistencies and other issues will probably be the one’s making the switch to this latest fad.

The latest victim in the long putter takeover was this weekends victor at the Wyndham Championship, Webb Simpson. Simpson’s trusty putter is a PING Craz-E belly putter. While this may just having people talking about the new putter style there is no evidence that players are actively switching to the new putting style due to the August PGA Tour wins.

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Ping G20 Driver Release

Ping waited almost 2 years to unveil a new G series driver and finally the G15 was upgraded to the G20.  The first glimpse of this driver was at the St. Jude Classic where Ping Tour staff member showed it off during the practice rounds. Ping showed off the entire G20 series when they opened up their 2012 sales meeting to fans via online venues such as Twitter and Facebook. The G20 driver makes it’s debut into golf stores tomorrow, August 11th.

This driver lends itself to be the perfect blend of forgiveness and power. Changes from its predecessor include a heavier head weigh and improved Titanium material that has a ratio of Ti 8-1-1. This accounts for better clubhead strength and more manageable weight ratio. The external weighting pads add better launch conditions and balance to the driver.

Need the new Ping G20 Driver? You can order it at my favorite online golf retailer GolfClubs.com

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Bettinardi Golf Counts A New Member

Recently announced via the companies Twitter page Bettinardi Golf will be adding a new wide body JAM Studio Stock 9 putter to their collection.

Instead of this years rainbow design it is completed in a black oxidizes finish. With a single sightline and a double bend shaft distinctly found on Bettinardi golf putters. Available in Bettinardi’s customary Honeycomb or FIT face that produces a soft yet solid feel at impact.

The Studio Stock line is evidently for the putter aficionado. Designed with classic shapes for skilled and tour players. The line of putters was crafted so that players would have the most responsive feel from the putters while on the green.

Bettinardi Golf is known for 2 things in the golf industry their putters and the quality of their putters. Winners of various awards for there manufacturing process they design and craft some of the world’s most brilliant putters. Founded by Robert Bettinardi back in 1991 as his outlet to create the finest putters the world had ever seen. Strictly following that goal ever since Bettinardi Golf quickly become a putter enthusiasts guilty pleasure. Even with the expansion of the putter line Bettinardi has been able to keep there manufacturing right here in the U.S. This is one claim to fame few putter brands can declare. Hoards of fans collect, discuss, and play these putters everyday. They are quiet easily the best one-piece milled putter manufacturers around. Each putter is milled and painstakingly built to guarantee the highest level of quality and attention to detail. It’s no wonder why these are the coveted putters in a golfers bag.

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Adams Golf Releases Redline Iron Sets

Adams Golf just released their latest hybrid-iron set. The Redline series is on a mission to give golfers a game improving set. Specifically they were made with the intention to hit the ball longer. The 8 club set comes with Adams world-class hybrids that can replace either the 3,4, or 5 irons. Adams Golf gives players the option of their set configuration to help best fit their individual game. Oversized heads on the hybrids help golfers swing faster and better ball speed. Longer shafts combine with a thin steel face and new tri-level sole design help reduce turf drag. Overall easy play from the tee, fairway or rough and the weight placed low and back improves forgiveness.

If you are looking to customize your iron set and add distance to your game go to GolfClubs.com to buy these Adams Redline Irons in steel or graphite

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Mother’s Day Golf Gifts

Think your Mother is ready to start her career in the LPGA? Ok maybe she’s not that serious but if she’s ready to start get into the amazing golfing world we put together the perfect gift ideas that will have her on the green in no time. Just in time for Mother’s Day on May 8th-order today from GolfClubs.com to get her that perfect golf gift.
Getting Started Book
Survival Golf Guide Book
Golf Shoes
Callaway Charms
Golf Gloves
Nike Dura Feel
Complete Golf Set 
Callaway Solaire Complete Set

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