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Tour Edge Exotics Secret Weapon The CB4 Tour Driver

The Exotics line by Tour Edge has always had finesse to it, with golf equipment fans. One of their newest drivers was created for the accomplished player looking for a quality driver promised to give them better ball flight and workability. The CB 4 Tour driver is one of the longest, lowest spinning Exotics drivers ever created. Another benefit that these fast swingers will gain from the new design is the newly placed center of gravity that is closer to the clubface and higher towards the crown. A thinner and thicker clubface has been strategically placed in areas to create hot spots or what they call “boomerangs”. These areas were placed in positions where they would increase ball speeds and carry distance on off-center hits. With a deeper clubhead than the previous Exotics CB3 Tour, it creates less spin and better flight off shots.

With it’s classic Tour shape and deeper face it is exactly what a skilled golfer is looking for. All the tour-caliber design elements including low launch, more workability, and enhanced feel. Created with a titanium blend material in the clubhead, which is harder, denser and stronger than the standard driver.

For those equipment junkies the Tour model has all the bells and whistles. Equipped with an Aldila Rip Sigma 60 shaft and an exotics White New Decade Cord grip, they spared no expense to make this their best driver yet. With choices from 3 different lots 8, 9, and 10 degrees they all come with the standard 2-degree open face angle and a shaft length of 45.5 inches. Unfortunately for those lefties out there this club is only made in a right hand design.

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