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How To Travel With Your Golf Clubs

Traveling with golf clubs can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task with airline regulations and fees it sometimes makes you just want to rent the club bags. For those of you who understand parting with your golf clubs is unimaginable here are the best ways to travel with your golf clubs.

The two most basic travel cases are hard cases or soft travel covers. Both are allowed by airline regulations it’s just a matter or cost and comfort which one is right for you. If you really can’t decide some companies even make a hybrid golf bag which has a hard cover on top for maximum club protection and soft cover on the bottom half for easy rolling.

A hard case bag is the most protective of your precious cargo. While nothing will get rattled by the airlines these hard cover cases are a bit cumbersome to lug around. A downside is fitting more than one of these into a standard car is near impossible. With a soft case your able to fold it up and take it out of the way once you have left the airport.

Soft cases are a great way to travel. The biggest point of purchase is to make sure it has enough padding and easy to roll with wheels. Also adding extra padding around your clubs is always a good idea.

Here are some of the best golf club travel covers I found online.

A few tips while traveling weight your bag before you leave to make sure its not over the airlines specified weight limit. If you happen to have extra room and weight to add throw in a few pairs of shoes or your liquids so you can check them through (makes traveling much easier). Make sure all your clubs have covers on them you don’t want them banging around.  If you don’t have all the covers for your clubs try socks it’s a great alternative.

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